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October 22, 2009

Flower Tattoo – Pictures of Flower Tattoos

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The Flower Tattoo Designs

There is no other symbol than the flower to provide us with a plentitude of meanings and symbolism.  From the red rose signifying love to the white daisy indicating innocence flowers have each had a specific meaning in their own right.

The language of flowers predates medieval and renaissance times though perhaps that language is most thought of during those time periods, and has lent itself to our current lives.  The strawberry, considered the symbol of Venus (Goddess of Love), is still a favorite aphrodisiacal food with couples.  The chrysanthemum is perceived as a symbol of perfection.  Flowers must certainly be the precursor of the language of love!

Flower body art may make many women feel incredibly sexy and confident, but (surprisingly or not) many men sport flora tattoo designs  on their bodies as well!  Perhaps the most viewed floral tattoo on a male body is the red rose.  The indication of strength and passionate love is a most certain draw to those embodied by such a tattoo.

The wide range of variety from flower to flower, genus to genus, and color to color is a magnet to those with an appreciation of body art.  Should you choose a small ivy to decorate your ear or an hibiscus the size of your back, floral tattoos will make you bloom and grow!

Here are some examples of some beautiful flower tattoos. We will list more flower tattoo designs every week. Flower tattoos are some of the most popular ink designs out there.


birds-tattoo-design flower-tattoo-design

tattoo-flower-pictures     flower-tattoos-designs



October 18, 2009

Dragon Tattoo

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The Dragon Tattoo Design

When it comes to tattoos meeting mythology, no creature is chosen more often than the dragon.  Due to its global appeal, a dragon tends to be a universal choice in those who like mythical body art.   The versatility, adaptability, and history makes for an incredible variation in design and application.

Whether the choice is of a graceful serpentine dragon of Oriental/Asian background, the terrifying fire-breathing invention of medieval days, or anything in between, the depictions are endless.  Contributing to the popularity of the dragon is the overall symbolism of power and freedom.  A dragon can be viewed to signify many different things: greed, protection, freedom, and wisdom to name but a few.  The underlying common denominator is the strength of the dragon in each ideal.

The dragon can adorn a person’s body in a multitude of ways, designs, and colors.  From a tiny black and white dragon over an ankle to a body encompassing blaze of color, anything goes with dragons.  Designs also vary from a choice of an ancient traditional dragon to one that is cutting edge and current. 

Winged or wingless, 3 toed or 5 toed, fire breathing or not – the choices run rampant and suit any belief you have about these majestic creatures and what they signify!

Here are some exsamples and pictures of dragon tattoos designs. The Dragon Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos for men:


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