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November 18, 2009

The Tribal Tattoo Designs

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The Tribal Tattoo Designs

Rooted within the ancient history of all cultures, the tribal tattoo is incredibly popular.  The expanse in array of the various types of tribal tattoos is astounding.  This form of body art dates back for thousands of years and offers up thousands of varieties; which form you chose to dress yourself with is a matter of preference, symbolism, and culture.

From ancient times through to today tribal tattoos have had significance in identifying clans, groups, and loved ones (plus so much more).  Part of the tattoo system was to identify friends in this life but an underlying belief has also been that a tattoo would help souls recognize each other in the afterlife; this is the belief which has translated into modern day persons having the name of their mate (or Mom or Best Friend etc…) tattooed on their bodies.

Tribal tattoos have also served to prove a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, showing that you could withstand the pain needed to bear children or to hunt.  In many cultures (Celtic, Druidic, Native American) people would have tattoos of their totem animals; this was (believed) to strengthen the link between the person and their totem animal.

Regardless of the reason you may be drawn to the thought of a tribal tattoo you will want to research carefully.  Decide why you want this form and delve into the reasons behind it…this will help you to find, or create, the design most fitted to you and what you feel or believe.

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